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Lucrative Salaries of Software and Web Developers

February 3rd, 2012

With the explosion of websites on the internet, there is a lot of demand for quality web developers and web designers. A web developer is basically a software engineer who creates software that can be deployed and used online. While a software engineer creates software that can be used on any platform and network, not necessarily on the internet, a web developer creates applications specific to the internet. The salary of a software engineer depends on the kind of work he does, and also the company that he is employed with. Software Engineers who actually develop software in product-based companies are paid higher, around $80,000-$100,00 rather than software engineer salary in service based companies are typically paid around $60,000-$80,000. The structure of web developer salary is along the same lines. Both for web developers and software engineers, there is a vast difference in pay scale depending on the company they work for. Software/Web developers working for major IT giants like Google, Amazon, Yahoo etc have an average salary of around $100,000, whereas some people doing similar work earn only $60,000 on an average.

A web designer is responsible for designing websites. Just having quality information is not enough these days, one can find hundreds of sites online which provide information on a particular topic, the challenge is to make it look appealing enough and easy-to-use to provide users with a good web experience so that they will come back to your site, and this is what web designers do. web designer salary is generally in the $50,000 – $60,000 bracket.

Video gaming is a billion dollar industry, and can no longer be looked upon as just something that kids do. These days most gamers are 20-30 year olds and so the demand for good video game designers with an eye for details and classy and intriguing design is skyrocketing. The best part about this job is that all you need is talent and also street smarts and marketing skills to make it big. Even an inexperienced video game designer salary can be up to $46,000 an year if he has the creativity and skill to design good quality games. Sometimes, with experience come perks, and designers with over 3 years experience make $55,000 whereas after getting 6 years experience in the field, if you are still creative enough to create original games, you can earn up to $70,000 an year.

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