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Administrative and Support jobs in the IT industry

February 3rd, 2012

The System Administrator Job Description vary from organization to organization, but a system administrator needs to be a person with technical skill and a sense of responsibility. The basic responsibility of a system admin is to operate and maintain the integrity and general functionality of all the computers in a particular organization. Additional responsibilities include configuration, installation, maintenance and support of general computers and servers of a particular organization, and they are also in charge of responding to problems related to system outages and malfunctioning and other system issues which would be beyond the knowledge of regular support staff. Network Administrator Job Description is similar job profile as that of a system administrator, except that a network administrator is more concerned with network security and the integrity and availability of the computer network, rather than the computers themselves. A network admin must be well versed in the language of routers and switches and is responsible for the configuration, maintenance and constant monitoring of an organization’s computer network. He is also responsible for the overall connectivity and accessibility of a computer network, and must respond to various issues related to computer networks that general support personnel might not be able to resolve.

Working in IT Support involves a lot more customer interaction and hands on experience. An IT Support person is expected to provide technical support to customers in case of any technical glitches that customers face. You will be expected to know the in and out of all the products manufactured and sold, the most common problems that might arise, and how to fix those problems. It is very important for a person in IT Support to have good communication skills so that you can effectively walk the customer through what to do and how to fix an issue. Another important requirement included in IT Support Job Description is the person would have good analytical thinking and must be quick on your feet in order to quickly analyze the problem and determine a solution.

If you are interested in software, but if you think IT Support is too stressful, then you might prefer to go through IT Analyst Job Description. The main job of the IT Analyst is to determine the IT and software update needs of the organization that they are working for and keep the higher management apprised of the cost the company would incur if they purchased that software.

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