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Dynamic View Google Blog Template

September 28th, 2011

Bismillah Alhamdulillah. Dynamic view in blogger, this title is the latest thing that google add in the blogger. The Template based on ajax, so visitors easily navigate to all posts without need to load new request from the address bar of the browser. My review about this  feature are :

  1. The template is not SEO friendly because Google can’t read javascript.
  2. Impression or Page click will be down because the browser no need to reload the page only request by ajax.
  3. No sidebar at this template yet until now.
  4. Google adsense can’t show yet until now.

Maybe only that my review about this feature of the Blogger

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Abu Farhan

I'm an Owner of this blog and it's always been a passion of mine to write about Blogger. I like to make original script for blogger. I also run the awesome Website at The Best Lists.

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30 Responses to “Dynamic View Google Blog Template”

  1. Google Boy says:

    Can I have a code for Social Slider widget for my Blogger with Dynamic view..

    Please help!!

  2. Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon everyday. It will always be useful to read through articles from other writers and practice a little something from other sites.

  3. مصر says:

    i tried to use this new features but failed

  4. aqiqah says:

    info yang yang bagus untuk pengetahuan kita yang butuh pencerahan

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  6. You only show from Single Post not your Home Page.

  7. Woro Astuti says:

    Nice info, Salam Silaturohim

  8. tapi mas abu, kalo pake template ini ga bisa nambahin atau mengedit HTML lagi ya ?

  9. Wowww. mantap next navigasinya om. saya suka. bs di aplikasikan nih sepertinya ya. thanks for share

  10. ubay says:

    thanx mas pnjelasannya

  11. ubay says:

    thanx bro for the widget

  12. Kang Asep says:

    Assalamuaikum wr wb..semoga sehat kang farhan, saya pernah menggunakan tempate dynamic ini ..tapi hasilnya malah pusing..mungkin masih uji coba..mudah2an setelah baca artikel kang farhan saya coba lagi…

  13. Robin says:

    Hi i think you are right.. This dynamic can give the blog new 7 Good looking look but to what for that blogger make blog i mean Google adsense..Blogger can’t use Adsense in their own accord yet..That is why i discourage Dynamic view.SEO

  14. SP LIBRARY says:

    I am a regular visitor of this website. And today i want to say this to all the visitors of this website that this is the one which taught me the blogging and i became able to design my blog SP LIBRARY

  15. AKu juga pernah bingung waktu menggunakan template itu karena tidak ada muncul kotak followernya jadi aku ganti dengan template lain

  16. that is nice topic

    thank you much

  17. ComVia says:

    This Works. Great

  18. jocky says:

    thanks atas semua info nya,saya belajar banyak di sini

  19. quiz says:

    Plz can you tell me whether the dynamic views are friendly or not?

    • zee says:

      they aren’t yet finalized will continue to be under trial till its fully implemented sometime this year. i did try it on my but looks pretty odd as blog lost whole of its purpose using these views..

  20. aldio blog says:

    makasih untuk infonya, blognya keren banyak belajar ane dri sini :D

  21. blogbricks says:

    It effects the page views of all the bloggers who utilizing newer version of blogger template.

    So automatically adsense earnings will go down.

    and also it effects the alexa rank of the website.

    Blogger should make it optional.


    ini benar2 kereeeeeeeen…
    terimakasih infonya…

  23. Adi says:

    request slider kayak di detik (berita utama).. bisa ndak?

  24. Devi-404 says:

    assalammualaikum wr.wb
    Amazing site abu farhan :)
    I love your coding,
    please see this link:

    I think you can exchange with my URL
    please visit my blog to your decision
    for your humility I say thanks a lot

    wassalammualaikum wr.wb

  25. firdaus says:

    yup it true, the template is not a seo friendly because i doesnt see any word on view source..

    by the way.. it great for personal niche :)

    thanks abu farhan for the great widget

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