Bismillah, Alhamdulillah

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I will Post New Tricks Again

May 25th, 2011

Bismillah, Alhamdulillah

After long time, I never post any tricks again. Some reasons why I never post again are :
– Blogger develop new feature very quick, I have to follow the feature.
– I am busy with my real work (teaching and administration work)
– Busy with my family (two children)

Now I have one staff to work with me. His name is catur. He will help me to compile and make tutorial for all of my tricks and templates. Catur is my student at my university. he is expert for PHP and javascript.

If you have suggestion, what should I have to post. I have some choices for that:

  1. New CSS for Page Navigation for Blogger
  2. Google CSS for Page Navigation for Blogger (New Script)
  3. New Version of Blogger Tube
  4. New Version of Flash MP3 Player
  5. New Style of Sitemap for Blogger
  6. New Blogger Templates
  7. Newest Tricks

You can suggest which one that I will post. For the next post my staff still working for that.

Please inform to other that I’ll have new tricks in this blog

Please donate to my host for continuing my server

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Abu Farhan

I'm an Owner of this blog and it's always been a passion of mine to write about Blogger. I like to make original script for blogger. I also run the awesome Website at The Best Lists.

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25 Responses to “I will Post New Tricks Again”

  1. “läs mer här”

    “[…]9 Hey, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues. When I gl[…]”

  2. sahil says:

    nice post and very usefull

  3. My opinion is that like you, it’s very funny, but I don’t know how it could be judged by him.

  4. relevant examples to support to your ideas…

    or arguments.use of infographicsa blog post is a way to make people understand aspects related to a certain topic. mere words may not suffice in putting forth an idea completely; pictures, maps or graphs can add just that extra gloss required…

  5. Denny says:

    hello sir.. long time not see ya..

    nice to know you came back n share trick :D

  6. aerti says:

    thanks and I’m using ur accordian site map. Do you have accordian template black/dark color?

  7. aerti says:

    thanks and i Would be great to have you back again ! Looking forward to some great tutorials.

  8. awakop says:

    thanks and happy abu

  9. filimia says:

    Hello farhan/Admin

    Can you please guide me how can i add this function into my blog.

    http://www (dot) dynamicdrive (dot) com/dynamicindex17/ajaxcontent.htm


  10. Saha says:

    Hello Abu,
    Great to get you back again, I’ll like to get
    1. New Version of Blogger Tube
    2. New Style of Sitemap for Blogger
    3. New Blogger Templates….
    But most emerging for me is to get the new version of Bloggertube…

  11. moses says:

    Bismillah, Alhamdulillah

  12. peter says:

    enjoyed reading items

  13. ashiq hassan says:

    Allah bless you
    good work great

  14. LeBlogger says:

    Welcome back Akhi :)

  15. Phani says:

    Thanks for all the excellent work u’ve done and going to do….
    my choice is new tricks 7.. also try 6 and 7

  16. matarya smes says:

    makasi pak infonya and ini menjadi semangat baru ngeblogging

  17. khasan says:

    mas farhan, tlong donk dikasih google terjemahan biar g’ rpot-rpot nerjemahin.
    heehehe :D

  18. welcome back abu farhan :)

  19. Retliff says:

    Glad you come back!

  20. Paul Crowe says:

    Would be great to have you back again ! Looking forward to some great tutorials.

  21. I choose 5,6,& 7. I like ur accordian site map. I’m using ur accordian site map. Do you have accordian template black/dark color?

  22. Beben Koben says:

    welcome back master Abu Farhan, i’m wait your trick :D
    welcome to the joint with master Abu Farhan master Catur ;) :-bd

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