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Six Styles Page Navigation for Blogger

December 10th, 2009

Bismillah, Alhamdulillah New Page Navi has been finished for normal view, from my previous post using Paginator 3000. For the next post I will give you Normal Page Navigation for blogger but before that I’ll give six different style that my friend Choen gave to me

This is view of those Page Navigations


This Demo for All :

  1. Style 1
  2. Style 2
  3. Style 3
  4. Style 4
  5. Style 5
  6. Style 6

And this css file :

  1. Style 1
  2. Style 2
  3. Style 3
  4. Style 4
  5. Style 5
  6. Style 6

For the next post I’ll give you the script. You can use for my previous Page Navi Also.

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Abu Farhan

I'm an Owner of this blog and it's always been a passion of mine to write about Blogger. I like to make original script for blogger. I also run the awesome Website at The Best Lists.

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91 Responses to “Six Styles Page Navigation for Blogger”

  1. The content of the site is informative really like be part of this discussion

  2. […] Por encima de este estilo antiguo usted puede utilizar otros seis tipos mas Seis estilos de página de navegación de Blogger […]

  3. 27cwf says:

    assalamu alaikum,nice post brother..!!

  4. Name says:

    I have a little problem: after I Install it it don’t show all the navigation box, the top part of the boxes is not shown…what should I do?

  5. Bhernadin says:

    Itu kode di copy di mana?

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  7. stkip says:

    this good information..thanks bro

  8. leo says:

    I followed all 3 steps , but it is still not working plz help me. I really love the style 3 matches with my blog colour. Pls reply asap. Thank you :)

  9. knowledgeable about it. are you in pursuit…

    of good ideas and tips to get the company blog started? looking for ways to inculcate and integrate the 4ps of marketing? inquire if the marketing department of your company is planning to enter the blog-sphere with a fresh company blog….

  10. Thanks bro. ko mmg awesome hehe

  11. SLT-A77 says:

    Este artigo é digno marcador na minha opinião. É economizar para referência futura pena. É uma leitura fascinante, com muitos pontos válidos para a contemplação. Eu tenho que concordar em quase todos os pontos feitos no âmbito deste artigo.

  12. Abu-Megren says:

    ابو فرحان:
    هناك تاخير ثواني بعد ضغط رقم صفحة او النالي او
    السابق ..هل هذا متوقع؟هل هناك حل ؟

    اخوك/فيصل ، ابومقرن

    sorry for writing in Arabic, here it is in English
    I am asking why there is a delay(seconds)when clicking next, previous, and page #?
    is there a solution for that?

  13. wispynet says:

    I am sorry, but it can’t work at my blog. T_T
    Maybe I don’t know how to use this script to my blog

  14. ihsan says:

    ada widget by abu farhan :)
    ada cara buat hapus scrip yg itu:D biar keliatan propesional.wkwkwk:D

  15. Terimah kasih mas atas trik2x,.very good,.

  16. fina says:

    ini bagus sekali om farhan.,,

  17. igo android says:

    My lover and I have been simply discussing this specific topic, he’s normally looking to show me idiot. Your thoughts on that is wonderful and precisely how I truly feel. I mailed that idiot this web site to indicate to him your own point.

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  19. ashiq hassan says:

    whare i put this code plz say or sent to me

  20. vannak says:

    you can mail to me about navigation page is not work for my blog

    mail to me

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